These web links may be helpful in your research…

Be sure to consider the authoritativeness of any site you visit.
Please report any broken links.

Mass Communication Resource Center for Students
– Research resources in Mass Communication

Mass Communication Research Sites
– An extensive list of Mass Communication internet resources, including links to government, print, broadcast, music, public relations and advertising websites.

Mass Communication Resources and Links
– Some of the Web’s most useful communication resources, including topics such as Professional Organizations, General Resources for Mass Media and Journalism, Mass Communication Ethics, and other helpful topics.

Media Research Resources
– Research resources and links to numerous media sites

Political Communication & Campaigns
– University of Iowa extensive list of Web Resources on political advertising

Tracking political advertising – Washington Post database includes political advertisements funded by campaigns, parties, committees, and independent advocacy groups

Advertising resources
– University of Iowa extensive list of Web resources

Library of Congress Newspapers & Periodicals
– Information about journalism in 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st century America

Columbia Journalism Review
– Reviews and critiques of contemporary journalism standards and practices

American Journalism Review
– Information about American journalism

The Pine Needle – UNCP’s student newspaper

Internet Public Library
– Reference books in many fields including history

Media History

Documents of American History – From Revolution to Reconstruction
– A Hypertext on American History from the Colonial Period until Modern Times – Information about journalism in 18th, 19th and 20th
century America

Civil War Newspapers
– Information about journalism in mid-19th century America

Web Sites related to the Civil War
– Information about journalism in mid-19th century America

American Antiquarian Society
– Information about journalism in 18th or 19th century America

United States: National News and Current Events
ABC News
Business Week Online
CBS News
FOX News
NPR (National Public Radio) Online
PBS Online
Time Magazine
USA Today
US News and World Report Online
Wall Street Journal
New York Times

International News and Current Events
AsiaTimes Online
BBC Online (British Broadcasting Company) (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)
ESPN International
History Channel International
Reuters News Service

United States: Local News and Current Events

Western US
Arizona Republic and Phoenix Gazette
Denver Post
Denver Rocky Mountain News
Los Angeles Times
Oakland Tribune
Phoenix: Arizona Republic
Portland Oregonian
Sacramento Bee
Salt Lake Deseret News
Salt Lake Tribune
San Diego Union-Tribune
San Francisco Chronicle
San Francisco Examiner
Seattle Times

Midwestern US
Chicago Sun-Times
Chicago Tribune
Cincinnati Enquirer
Cincinnati Post
Cleveland Plain Dealer
Columbus Dispatch
Detroit Free Press
Detroit News
Kansas City Star
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Minneapolis Star Tribune
St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Southern US
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Dallas Morning News
Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Houston Chronicle
Jacksonville Florida Times-Union
Miami Herald
Orlando Sentinel
San Antonio Express-News
St. Petersburg Times
Tampa Tribune

Eastern/Northeastern US
Baltimore Sun
Boston Globe
Charlotte Observer
Hartford Courant
New York Daily News
New York Newsday
New York Post
New York Times
Newark Star-Ledger
Norfolk Virginian-Pilot
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Providence Journal-Bulletin
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
Washington Post
Washington Times


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